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Pulse of Generative AI: Through Dynamic Customer Engagement

Proactive Engagement through Streamlined Insights

Support to Cascadeo Corporation AWS Resale​​​​​​​

In a move to support Cascadeo’s AWS Resale revenue stream, we’ve integrated customers’ Cost and Usage Reports, providing our customers cost analysis dashboards and alerting capabilities. This enhancement not only streamlines our billing processes but also potentially amplifies our capacity to cater to customer needs swiftly and effectively.

Our forward-looking roadmap encompasses a suite of analysis trends, poised to elevate customer engagement to greater heights. This proactive approach enables us not only to address present needs but also to unlock new opportunities for upselling and introducing advanced services, nurturing a dynamic and thriving ecosystem for our clientele.

Sys notification sample from Cascadeo AI.

Cost management dashboard example from Cascadeo AI.

As we’ve been refining our approach towards Generative AI, we’re creatively pursuing updating prompts using our existing dataset. By establishing a solid framework with AWS Bedrock, we’ve achieved a faster turnaround, now able to update prompts in just a matter of a sprint or 2.

Resource Monitoring, Alerts and Thresholds

In our pursuit of refining our event trigger system, we’ve dedicated some efforts to amplify the effectiveness of our remediation recommendation prompts. By enhancing these prompts, we’re able to equip engineers with more comprehensive and actionable insights when responding to alerts. Through this meticulous overhaul, we’re driving sharper responses and more efficient issue resolution, ensuring a seamless experience for both our engineers and the system users.

Initiating Customer-Centric Monthly Summaries 

Our recent strides in harnessing the capabilities of gen AI have led us to establishing the groundwork for automatically generated month-end summarized reports. These reports are poised to provide our valued customers with a comprehensive overview of their activities, facilitated by the summarization capabilities of gen AI. This aims to elevate customer engagement, facilitating proactive communication on monthly activities and fostering a deeper understanding of their cloud operations.

Sample generative-AI created report from Cascadeo AI.

For comparison, below is version 1 of Cascadeo AI integration with OpenAI.

Remediation recommendation sample from Cascadeo AI.

How to Activate

To activate this feature, make sure you’ve enabled Generative AI to your connecting pipeline with your AWS Monitoring account

Inventory and Governance

Improved Collector Mechanism: Enhancing Speed, While Lowering Lambda Costs 

We’ve upgraded our collector mechanism to operate faster and more efficiently. This enhancement boosts data collection speed while notably cutting down Lambda costs. With these improvements, we ensure a streamlined and cost-effective process, supporting our commitment to efficient resource management and scalability.

AI-Generated Summarized Reviews: Simplifying AWS Environment Assessment

Leveraging Gen AI capabilities, we’re now able to produce initial reviews of customer AWS environments. These summaries facilitate quick comprehension and streamlined identification of necessary changes, enhancing ease and efficiency in managing AWS setups.

Inventory summary report sample from Cascadeo AI.

With our continued integration of AI-generated content, we prioritize customer awareness by now clearly indicating sections created by AI. This transparency aims to foster understanding and trust, ensuring meticulous consideration where AI contributes to content generation.

Image of button to activate generative AI summary reports in Cascadeo AI.

And finally, from the wise words of Jared: “If a picture is worth a thousand words…. “

A Cascadeo AI video demo c/o Jerome together with AWS Polly!