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Composite AI Powered Cloud Management for Enterprise

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Customized, comprehensive cloud management for enterprise cloud environments.

Cascadeo AI empowers your enterprise with a single, unified platform for comprehensive cloud management.

Harnessing the power of composite AI technology, Cascadeo AI seamlessly integrates with your existing cloud infrastructure, providing unparalleled visibility and control across all operating environments.

Using the best available composite AI tools, including Amazon Bedrock, Amazon SageMaker, and CodeWhisperer, as well as human expertise and proprietary algorithms, Cascadeo AI provides instantaneous actionable insights, including for never-before-seen events, to prevent costly outages and keep your infrastructure optimized.

Full Customization to Support Growth at Scale

Gain a competitive edge with:
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Ensure your system is online, operational, and scalable with real-time infrastructure monitoring, automated incident response, and intelligent alerting.
  • Optimized Cloud Costs: Achieve significant cost savings through comprehensive cost analytics and automated resource management tools.
    Improved Governance & Compliance: Maintain compliance with industry regulations and internal policies through automated governance controls and detailed audit reports.
  • Reduced Downtime & Outages: Prevent costly outages and optimize performance with AI-powered insights, even for unforeseen events.
    24/7 Expert Support: Benefit from round-the-clock access to cloud specialists for unmatched support and guidance.
Instant Actionable Insights:
  • Make informed decisions quickly with real-time insights into even the most complex cloud scenarios.
  • Customized Runbook Recipes: Automate incident resolution with pre-defined workflows and response plans tailored to your specific needs.
  • Adaptive Scalability: Seamlessly scale your cloud operations to meet evolving business demands.
  • Cloud Architecture Reviews: Optimize your cloud infrastructure for efficiency and resilience with expert guidance.
  • Empower your organization with the power of Cascadeo AI and unlock the full potential of your cloud investments.

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