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Your Cloud, Safe and Sound

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Automated security and governance functions keep your data and operations safe and compliant in the cloud.

In today’s increasingly digital landscape, protecting your data and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations is more crucial than ever. Cloud security vulnerabilities can expose sensitive information, disrupt critical operations, and result in hefty fines.

Cascadeo AI provides a comprehensive solution, automating essential security and governance tasks, freeing you to focus on driving innovation and business growth.

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Secure and compliant cloud operations made simple with Cascadeo AI

Stay ahead of security threats and ensure compliance with automated cloud governance.

Cascadeo AI takes the guesswork out of cloud security by automatically inventorying your assets and access controls, applying your customized policies, and performing regular compliance checks. Gain complete peace of mind with monthly security reports and proactive alerts, regardless of your cloud platform or architecture.

Built by cloud security experts, Cascadeo AI simplifies even the most complex security challenges.

Its intelligent automation tackles AWS, Azure, and GCP security concerns head-on, giving you back valuable time and resources.


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