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How Cascadeo AI Was Built: AWS Serverless Architecture

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Endlessly scalable. Impressively secure.

The Cascadeo AI SaaS cloud management platform is built from the ground up for maximum scalability, security, and reliability. Designed from the start to be serverless, the system contains zero virtual machines and runs entirely on a combination of AWS Lambda, other AWS platform services, AWS generative AI technologies, and complementary SaaS applications. Because it eliminates servers entirely and was built on Lambda, Cascadeo AI automatically scales to nearly infinite capacity as demand grows. Load balancing, redundancy, global traffic management, security, and other infrastructure are handled by AWS. Because of their cost efficiency and simplicity serverless architectures are increasingly the preferred approach to enterprise software applications. Read more about Cascadeo’s leadership in serverless design and implementation, in this study co-authored with AWS engineers highlighting the cost and performance differences of Lambda on competing processor architectures.


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