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Image of a hand holding a planet-like approximation of a neural network.
The best of generative AI, engaged to simplify cloud management.

Cascadeo AI is a comprehensive cloud management platform that synthesizes the best available AI technologies in a single tool, enabling businesses to monitor, manage, and optimize thousands of cloud deployments in real time.

Offer your managed services customers comprehensive, customized cloud management without going through a lengthy customization process. Cascadeo AI simplifies management of public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments by gathering extensive operational data and telemetry from your system, analyzing that data, and providing streamlined alerts with AI-powered runbook recipes to facilitate fast, easy remediation, outage prevention, and optimization. Cascadeo AI keeps your customers online, operational, and scalable, with support for cost analytics, management, governance, and periodic architecture reviews, with 24/7/365 expert support.

Cascadeo AI also plays nicely with existing tools, integrating a variety of monitoring inputs and sending alerts to designated recipients via Slack, email, or SMS. Alert thresholds are automated to match system recommendations, but can be fully customized to account for specific needs. Because it’s built to be adaptable, the platform is ready to work with many applications as customers scale. And onboarding is a cinch, automated to fully launch in hours, not weeks.

Cascadeo AI is available to managed service providers via white labeling,
to Cascadeo managed services clients, and direct to enterprise customers.

Composite AI Integration

The best AI tools, including Amazon Bedrock, Amazon SageMaker, CodeWhisperer, and proprietary algorithms support your cloud.

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Actionable Insights

Alerts and data you can use, or send to Cascadeo’s NOC for maximal uptime and optimization.

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Integrate with Existing Tools

Nothing goes to waste with Cascadeo AI’s flexible integration options. 

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Security & Governance

Asset and access inventory plus automated governance policy application keeps your data safe in the cloud.

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Automated Onboarding

Onboard in a single hour, instead of weeks or months required for other cloud management tools. 

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Cloud-Delivered Platform

Automatic updates with no action required keep your cloud management in action. 

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