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Cascadeo Managed Services and Cascadeo AI

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For Cascadeo managed services customers, the best in cloud management is part of the package.

Cascadeo AI combines human expertise with the best of generative AI to provide analysis, verification, and remediation recipes that are fast, accurate, and fully customizable. We test and refine our tools constantly to assure that the outputs you receive are designed to keep your infrastructure online and optimized. You choose who receives alerts and how they’re delivered, via SMS, Slack, or email, or, if you prefer, manage them through a dashboard that combines alerts and other events with cost analysis and management and resale billing in a single, streamlined tool. You can also choose to send alerts to Cascadeo’s NOC as part of your managed services contract.

Customizable thresholds allow you to control the insights the system provides or choose to rely on machine learning algorithms and anomaly detection to help limit business-impacting events.

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Cloud managed services from Cascadeo can help your organization transform, manage, monitor, and continuously improve your IT environment. Skilled cloud architects work with your team to ensure your strategic goals are being executed so you can get the most out of your cloud investments. Your cloud priorities, whether digital initiates that help you better deliver to your own customers or enterprise IT projects to drive efficiency, form the basis of customized Cascadeo services.


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