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Keep the Tools You Already Use

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Cascadeo AI integrates seamlessly with your existing cloud architecture, monitoring tools, and ticketing systems, maximizing their capabilities and preserving your previous investments.

Whether you’re just starting your cloud journey or are a seasoned cloud user, Cascadeo AI is adaptable to your specific needs and evolves with your changing technology landscape, consolidating your current tools into a single, powerful platform.

Say goodbye to point solutions and fragmented data. Cascadeo AI ingests data from your existing tools, including Amazon DevOps Guru, and combines it with additional operational insights to create a single, streamlined view of your entire infrastructure. This actionable data is delivered through a customizable dashboard or directly to you via SMS, Slack, email, ZenDesk, or PagerDuty for immediate action. Plus, you’ll gain valuable cost analysis, management tools, and even resale billing capabilities, all within a single, user-friendly interface.

Alert Automation Tools

Helpdesk Applications

Cloud Infrastructure Platforms

Chat Platforms


Cloud Inventory Management

With Cascadeo AI, you can maximize the value of your existing cloud investments, gain a holistic view of your entire infrastructure in real-time in addition to receiving actionable insights and alerts directly to your preferred channels.

Optimize your cloud costs and improve operational efficiency and scale your cloud operations seamlessly as your needs grow.

Unlimited Inputs

Cascadeo AI’s structure allows it to take in data from an unlimited variety of sources, including thousands of cloud accounts and all your existing cloud management tools. In fact, many common data inputs are plug and play; others can be added via customization.

Because the platform is built on AWS serverless technology and delivered SaaS, it provides a truly flexible, input-ready platform to ingest your operating data from any account that produces it or tool that collects it.

A screenshot of ready-made inputs into Cascadeo AI.
A screenshot of the Cascadeo AI output pipeline dashboard.

Streamlined Outputs

Cascadeo AI takes all that data—wherever it comes from—and converts it into actionable, clear insights, delivered to the recipient you designate. There’s no need to get used to yet another dashboard or report, because the platform sends alerts, reports, and other outputs to the communication channels you already use, including Slack, SMS, email, Zendesk, and more. And those outputs are enhanced by generative AI tools like Amazon Bedrock to make them more legible to every recipient.

Don’t replace the tools you’ve already paid for. Make them work better with Cascadeo AI.


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