What is Cascadeo AI?

Cascadeo AI is a multi-AI powered SaaS cloud management platform offered as a feature of Cascadeo’s managed services program, as an independent service direct to customers, and via licensing to MSPs who want to provide their clients customized cloud management without the customized workload.

Customers using Cascadeo AI receive top-level monitoring and observability, custom alert thresholds and output delivery, cost optimization, asset inventory, security and governance reporting, and consolidated billing. Cascadeo AI works with public cloud, multi-cloud-hybrid cloud, and on-prem systems, and is compatible with customers’ existing tools, protecting their IT investments.

Cascadeo AI brings together the best available AI tools in a single SaaS product, continually testing and refining integrations to maximize accuracy and effectiveness, built to support and enhance expert human engineers in their efforts to increase accuracy, speed, and repeatability in remediation.

Since 2018, Globe Group has deployed Cascadeo AI in the service of its enterprise customers, saving money and time while providing expert support and maximal uptime. Now, North American MSPs and telecommunications providers can license the platform to provide customized monitoring and observability without the effort of customization. Cascadeo AI makes individualized service simple for you and your clients.

Cascadeo’s engineers continually refine Cascadeo AI’s composite AI integrations and configure new capabilities to provide additional reporting and data management capacity within the platform, giving users a full and actionable view of operations across cloud configurations. As generative AI offerings evolve, Cascadeo AI evolves, too, ensuring that the best AI tools are working in the service of your customers’ operations.

Composite AI Integration

Cascadeo AI synthesizes the best AI with human insight in a single tool to achieve superior cloud operational outcomes. AI tools in use include Amazon Bedrock, Amazon DevOps Guru, Amazon SageMaker,  and other leading AI technologies.

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All-Cloud Coverage

Cascadeo AI brings together data from all customer environments, including public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premise deployments to consolidate monitoring and observability across a complicated array of inputs.

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Cloud-Delivered Platform

Cascadeo AI is automatically updated with no effort on your part, keeping your cloud management current and ready to go. 

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Cascadeo AI
in Action

Check out a demo of Cascadeo AI’s outputs here, including typical validation, analysis, and remediation recommendations.

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