Advanced cloud-management with the power of human expertise and generative AI in a single SaaS tool

What is Cascadeo AI? 

Cascadeo AI is a proprietary SaaS platform that simplifies management of your public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises deployments by gathering extensive operational data and telemetry from your system, analyzing that data, and providing streamlined alerts with AI-powered runbook recipes to facilitate fast, easy remediation and outage prevention.  

How does Cascadeo AI use Composite AI?  

Cascadeo AI synthesizes multiple AI technologies, including Amazon Bedrock, DevOpsGuru, AWS SageMaker, and Cascadeo-proprietary AI/ML, to bring together a comprehensive fusion of AI resources. Cascadeo AI engages LLMs via API connections to generate responses to monitoring alerts, which are then engineer-approved and implemented, and may be added to our body of runbook recipes for future use. In simple terms, Cascadeo AI notices a problem, calls the LLM AI to ask for help, and the LLM AI analyzes and validates the alert, then provides an answer that is approved by cloud engineers 

How is Cascadeo AI different from other cloud management platforms?  

Cascadeo AI’s comprehensive input capacity and composite-AI-augmented output set it apart from other platforms, providing you the ability to bring together alerts for all your deployments into one streamlined tool and to receive instantaneous verification of alerts and remediation recipes delivered to the recipient of your choice, or to Cascadeo’s NOC for resolution.  

Can I keep my existing monitoring tools and still get the benefits of Cascadeo AI?  

Yes! Cascadeo AI is designed to be compatible with your existing monitoring and alerts system, with a wide range of integrations available. We believe in working with your existing tools rather than wasting money you’ve already spent by starting from scratch.  

How does Cascadeo AI work with alerts from hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premises deployments as well as single-provider public cloud systems?  

Cascadeo AI brings together alerts from all your deployments into one simple, streamlined output, customized to your preferences and delivered to designated recipients via email, SMS, Slack, or dashboard.  

How are alert thresholds determined and set?  

Cascadeo AI alert thresholds are fully customizable, and work with machine learning to adapt to your system’s typical usage and responses to determine whether a given threshold alert will likely result in an outage, or whether that alert typically self-resolves without remediation. Default thresholds can be implemented if customization is not required. 

How is Cascadeo AI better than human-implemented remediation?  

Cascadeo AI with composite AI integration provides interpretation, validation, and remediation recommendations, even for events never seen before in your system, in real time, saving your staff the time and effort required to determine and implement next steps, and ensuring those next steps will be accurate, significantly reducing the likelihood of outages and issues caused by operator error.  

Does Cascadeo AI implement the recommended solutions for me?  

Not yet, but we anticipate making this innovation available in the future.  

LLM AIs have a reputation for inaccuracy. How do you know the runbook recipes produced by Cascadeo AI are going to work?  

We have conducted extensive testing and found the analyses and recommendations produced by our LLM integrations to be highly accurate. Accuracy testing os always ongoing.  

How does Cascadeo AI ensure that my data remains secure?  

Cascadeo AI is an SaaS platform deployed outside your existing architecture, leaving your current security operations fully intact. LLM integrations are conducted via secure API calls, with procedures in place to keep your sensitive data out of the LLM’s learning environment.  

I’m an MSP. How can I provide Cascadeo AI’s benefits to my customers?  

Cascadeo AI is available for white label licensing and resale, allowing you to offer customized monitoring & remediation without the customized workload. 


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