Cascadeo Announces Multi-AI Synthesis Innovation in Cloud Management with Cascadeo AI v3.0

Vendor-diverse AI technologies come together to enhance Cascadeo’s Cloud Management Platform

Seattle, June 19, 2023Cascadeo today announced the latest release of its groundbreaking cloud management platform, Cascadeo AI v3.0 (formerly With integration of multiple AI technologies to provide advanced analysis, verification, and remediation recipes for events, alerts, time-series metrics, configuration state, billing, and consumption metrics across public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises operations, Cascadeo AI simplifies cloud management for customers across industries.

Many cloud management platforms provide visibility into IT systems by detecting anomalies and learning operational patterns to provide alerts for remediation purposes. Cascadeo AI v3.0 brings AI fusion, blending multiple AI tools including OpenAI GPT-4, AWS SageMaker, AWS DevOps Guru, and Cascadeo proprietary technology together to transform cloud management to its most simplified, automated form, with runbook recipes generated in seconds, even for events never before seen, preventing costly downtime and ensuring optimal performance.

“Cascadeo AI synthesizes the best AI technologies in a single tool, built for precision and efficiency,” said Garrett Baserman, Cascadeo Vice President of Solution Architecture & Product. “We are creating a new cloud management market with this release, and inviting businesses everywhere to be a part of this monumental leap forward.”

Cascadeo AI v3.0 delivered as enterprise SaaS to end customers and MSPs alike, where it has been enhancing operations for mid-size and enterprise clients since 2018, as a pioneer in AIOps. Cascadeo’s managed and professional services help enterprises design, build, implement, optimize, and manage public cloud deployments. This enables efficient use of capital and supports the ability to execute on growth at scale.

Managed Service Providers who wish to offer their clients customized monitoring and remediation without the customized workload can license Cascadeo AI v3.0 for implementation within their managed services programs.

About Cascadeo

Cascadeo is a Managed Services and Professional Services, AWS resale, and SaaS innovator devoted to fostering customer innovation. Cascadeo advises on public cloud initiatives at every stage, from defining cloud strategy through the design, build, automation, and management of cloud deployments. Headquartered in Manila, Philippines and Seattle, Washington, Cascadeo is part of the Globe Group, the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines. Learn more at

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