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Advanced cloud-management with the power of human expertise and generative AI in a single SaaS tool

Simplify your IT operations and visibility with comprehensive hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-prem analysis, validation, and remediation insights customized to your needs

Cascadeo AICascadeo AI v3 Release Notes Figure 1

Experience a streamlined design that simplifies your cloud operations, empowering you to effortlessly manage and optimize your resources with ease.


Provide users with a quick and holistic view of all their integrations in a single glance.

Cascadeo AI v3 Release Notes Figure 2Integrations

​​​​Seamlessly add and keep track of your integrations with a few simple clicks, empowering you to effortlessly connect and monitor your various services and streamline your cloud management experience

Cascadeo AI v3 Release Notes Figure 3Pipelines

Easily establish the flow of data by intuitively linking your desired input and output integrations, enabling you to streamline your workflows and maximize efficiency within Cascadeo AI.

Cascadeo AI v3 Release Notes Figure 4Thresholds

​​​​​​Set and manage threshold values effortlessly, empowering you to customize alerts and notifications based on your specific requirements. Stay on top of critical events and ensure optimal performance with ease using Cascadeo AI’s threshold management capabilities.

Cascadeo AI v3 Release Notes Figure 5Inventory Management

Easily visualize and analyze your cloud assets in a structured format, enabling you to track and organize resources, streamline operations, and make informed decisions to optimize your cloud environment efficiently.

Cascadeo AI v3 Release Notes Figure 6Security and Cost Governance

​​​​​​​Effortlessly define and enforce security and cost management policies, ensuring compliance and optimizing resource allocation within your cloud environment. With Cascadeo AI, take full control of your organization’s cloud governance and elevate your security and cost management practices to new heights.