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Continuously growing, relentless progress

Unleashing a refined and seamless Cascadeo AI experience with comprehensive enhancements

Cascadeo AIChart representing various inputs into Cascadeo AI.

Cascadeo AI has reached a stable state thanks to everyone’s invaluable feedback and support. Our efforts have resolved bugs, and addressed missing integrations, culminating in a polished and seamless user experience.

A screenshot of Cascadeo AI's inventory management module.

Inventory Management

​​​​​Easily toggle between detailed Table and concise Summary views. Seamlessly switch between these perspectives to gain a comprehensive breakdown of your cloud assets or swiftly access a high-level overview. This user-friendly capability empowers you to better understand your infrastructure, make informed decisions, and optimize resources with utmost efficiency.


A diagram representing Cascadeo AI's centralized datalake.

Centralized Datalake, Data Governance and Policies

A cross-project collaboration with the Professional Services team, this initiative allows seamless data aggregation from various functions, providing enhanced insights and analysis capabilities.

AWS SageMaker Immersion Day​​​​​​​

Engineers on the platform team are honing their skills and expertise on AWS SageMaker. This commitment to upskilling ensures that our team remains at the forefront of innovation, allowing us to leverage ML capabilities to the fullest and deliver exceptional solutions.


A diagram representing Cascadeo AI's updated security features.

Updating Security 

​​​​​​​We take measures to safeguard data and infrastructure. Our team has implemented a security framework, incorporating tools like Amazon VPN, WAF, and AWS Cognito. By leveraging these industry-leading solutions, we ensure that sensitive information is shielded from potential threats and unauthorized access.


A screenshot demonstrating Cascadeo AI's forthcoming data playground feature.

COMING SOON: Data Playground UI (Internal to Cascadeo)

This soon-to-be added feature will consolidate all tables into a seamless and user-friendly space within Cascadeo AI. By enabling stakeholders to effortlessly explore existing data sets, this feature will provide valuable insights, support data-driven decisions, and further elevate your experience with our platform.


A graphic with information about Amazon Bedrock generative AI tool.

COMING SOON: GenAI Integration with AWS Bedrock

​​​​​​​Cascadeo AI has been invited to join the private access of AWS Bedrock, a cutting-edge Generative AI tool. With this exciting opportunity, we are eagerly exploring ways to integrate Bedrock into our different monitoring, and cloud management alerts, and to potentially improve our development processes. This collaboration will potentially unlock new possibilities, enhance predictive capabilities, and further empower Cascadeo AI’s cloud management experience.