MONITORINGCascadeo Monitoring Instance chart

OpenAI Integration

  • Get recommendations in real time with your monitoring alert through OpenAI integration

​​​​​​​Agentless CMI

  • No additional services installed to your infrastructure
  • Monitors all regions in 1 setup
  • Adjustable rate expression depending on user’s preference

Update Zendesk Tickets

  • Zendesk tickets relating to the same event are now updated in 1 single ticket

Additional details for monitoring alerts

  • Receive additional details relating to your services once you receive alerts. **For existing CMI users, policy needs to be updated to have access to this new feature.

Cascadeo AI Security Checklist chartINVENTORY & GOVERNANCE

CIS Benchmark

  • New Policies!

Generate governance report on demand

  • Have the freedom to generate your governance report on demand, whenever you’d like.

OTHERSCascadeo AI General Information Overview chart

  • Data Analytics Project with Professional Services to ensure a better data warehousing and governance for Cascadeo AI
  • Move from static to dynamic data set for default thresholding
  • Reports for Globe Resale through AWS QuickSight
  • ​​​​​​​Release to AWS Marketplace


  • Updated Web UI Version 3 for
  • Improved OpenAI Integration